E-liquids are the liquid that goes into a vape pen which is storming the world right now. The reason that this is so popular right now is that it is a healthier alternative to smoking and can allow those that are not ready to give up smoking a way to continue without all the negative health effects. But there is a small learning curve when you go to vaping rather than smoking. The vaping liquid comes in various nicotine levels and flavors. Finding what you like will take time and some trial and error. The nicotine level is something you should stay low on so that you are not becoming more addicted to the nicotine to where you need even more than what you already were using. The other reason why you want to take it easy on the nicotine and use the less is more rule is because too much nicotine that your body is not used to can actually make you sick.

For those that are trying to quit the nicotine in the liquid does get all the way down to zero so that at that point you are only getting off of the oral habit of doing the smoking. E-liquids are wet and when they are heated in the vape pen you will get vapor and not smoke because nothing is burning. Depending on the type of vape pen depends on how you fill the liquid in the pen. But all of them have a bladder that will hold some liquid and depending on the size of the bladder you will have to fill it more or less often. When you fill it there is cotton that has to get soaked with the liquid. To give the cotton some time wait about twenty minutes when you have new cotton in the vape pen but then you press the button on the pen and suck.

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